Meri Meeta
Meri Meeta


As women, break gender barriers and roles in every walk of life, we must recognize those who make it possible. The support must come from within our homes, while we go step into the outside world as an equal, reclaiming those roles which have been denied for centuries.

The support comes from family and from the domestic workers in whom we repose our trust. They step into our shoes to fulfill the roles which are crucial for the well-being of our family members and households. They lighten our collective responsibilities for the smooth functioning of the households.

A monetary remuneration for these special ‘Meeta’ (friends) has to be accompanied by the behavioral appreciation and respect. Under the aegis of the Organized and Unorganized Workers Cell, ‘Meri Meeta’ aims to give you a platform to show appreciation and respect for the women who stand beside you like soldiers in the daily battles to succeed life.


December 3, 2018



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